About Me

I grew up at an environmental studies centre in South East England, where my sister and I had free range of the centre grounds and the fields and woods surrounding them. It's probably not surprising, then, that when I was 13, I decided to write my first ever novel (you can read more about it, plus an extract, on my blog here). I wrote most of it in maths lessons with my notebook hidden under my work, and as a result, I still have to count on my fingers if anyone asks me to add anything up.

After I escaped school, I went to university to study art. But I never stopped thinking about my stories, and after I graduated, I decided to pursue writing as a career. I tried all sorts of stuff, from short stories to crime and everything in between, until I eventually decided to have a go at writing for teenagers. As soon as I started my first YA novel (now relegated to the back of a wardrobe), I knew this was what I wanted to write.

Now, I live in the North East Midlands with my husband, the artist and printmaker Duncan Pass. As well as writing books, I work at a library, where I support two writing groups and help out at as many reader and author events as I can. Not a bad day job for a writer! From 2009-12, we were lucky enough to share our lives with The Hound, a very special ex-racing greyhound, and although he's no longer with us, we'll never forget him. You can read more about him on my blog here.
Photo © Stacey McDonald
Now, I'm minion to G-Dog, who 'helps' me write by snuggling up to me on the sofa and plonking his head on the keyboard. He also has amazing ears! 

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