Want to get in touch? You can email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Schools and organisations: please note that I cannot work for you for free. As a self-employed author, I rely on paid work to make a living. You can see my charges in my events guide here. I do understand that you may be restricted by your budget, though. If you are unable to cover my usual charges I may be able to negotiate a lower rate, so please do still get in touch.

Authors: please don't email me asking me to read or critique your book, or send me your work. I'm sorry I can't help you in this way, but as well as this being a very dodgy area legally, I simply don't have the time. Really! It takes many hours and a lot of thought to give a good, solid critique of a manuscript, and with the day job on top of my writing deadlines, those are hours I just can't spare.
If you want a professional critique, I can highly recommend the services of a reputable literary consultancy, such as (in the UK) Cornerstones or The Literary Consultancy. They do charge for their services, but the advice they give is invaluable. I had some work read by TLC many years ago, and their guidance was instrumental to me eventually becoming a published author. Alternatively, you could join the SCBWI, or one of the many online writing communities such as Absolute Write, Movellas or Wattpad. Or you could ask at your local library and find out if there is a writing group in your area.